“Hymns of Salvation” Choral Competition in Pasay City

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Headlines: National Crime Prevention Week hosted at New Era University, Evangelical Mission in Palawan and “Hymns of Salvation” Choral Competition in Pasay City.

Not By Faith Alone

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Some believe that faith alone is sufficient for man to be saved, and that the Church is no longer necessary. Is this a teaching that is found in the Bible?

Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Why does the Church of Christ teach that Jesus Christ is man in nature?

The Absolute Oneness of the True God

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There is only one God, in all place and at all times.

Through the Lens-Centennial Series: The Music

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Go behind the scenes with the music of Centennial Series.


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Through prayer, a man grows in his faith and learns how to be a better servant of God, husband, and father.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Local Congregation of Roseville, Ca. Prepares For A New Chapter

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On a special report from INC Review, the local congregation of Roseville prepares to dedicate a new House of Worship.

Who is God?

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When it comes to the topic of God, there is no shortage of opinions that people offer or share. What do regular everyday men and women say about God? What have religious authorities taught to the members of their respective religions about God? Who is God?