Inspired by the Messenger

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Inspired by the Messenger What have you learned from The Messenger? Ask this question to people from around the world and you might get a lot of different answers. But in all of their answers you will find that from the historic actions of Brother Felix Y. Manalo, God’s Messenger in These Last Days they have drawn strength, inspiration and have born witness to his courage. Brian McMahon (Melbourne, Australia): Even though I wasn’t around at that particular time, I have been amazed at the stories that s...

Reconnected: A Reporter’s Note on #INCReconnect

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Reconnected: A Reporter’s Note on #INCReconnect  By: Caesar Vallejos You lose your Internet connection and you feel either your blood boil or you’re trapped in a chasm of boredom. Kapag naputulan ka naman ng kuryente, tumatagtak ang pawis mo at halos isumpa mo ang Meralco maibalik lang ang hangin ng electric fan sa bahay niyo. [When your electricity is cut off, you’re sweating profusely, and you’re almost cursing Meralco (the electric company) to just restore the electric fan at your house.] In IT...

Building Dreams

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On April 23, 2016, members of the Church from local congregation of Cocoa Beach, FL, in partnership with Southeast Volusia Habitat for Humanity, converged in Edgewater, FL, to volunteer in the construction of houses for the less fortunate. Some brethren had to drive more than two hours to get to the build site but their enthusiasm never waned. They were eager to volunteer to help build future homes for deserving families. To ensure the utmost safety, only eleven INC Giving volunteers were pre-selected to wor...

Becoming Mom

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Becoming Mom: By Mariel Gutierrez Sixteen hours, 10,000 ice chips and 80 seasons of 90s sitcoms later… no baby. I remember watching the needle that jumped all over that thing that monitored my contractions. Sometimes it calmly stenciled valleys of bearable discomfort, while other times it violently extended into sharp mountains –this labor felt like an uphill climb and ‘just for fun’ I wasn’t allowed to use my legs or have food on the trip. Whose idea was it to not have painkillers? I regretted that qu...

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