Happiness: Makes Life More Meaningful

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Who doesn’t want to be happy? Here are some practical tips as well as biblical advice on how to be truly happy.

Special Gathering in Quezon City

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A Special Gathering held in Project 4, Quezon City, Philippines inspires more brethren to accept offices inside the Church of Christ.


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Meet a man who forgot everything – except what mattered most. After losing all of his memories from a devastating stroke, Brother Benhur Mendoza, Sr. remembered just one thing.

The True God Whom We Must Know and Have Faith In

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To worship and serve the one true God is essential for salvation.


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Sister Gabrielle Canono, regardless of how successful an archer, will always keep her eyes on a much larger target.

Appreciation 101

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INCGiving volunteers throughout the world set out to recognize educators.

True Christians Never Worship Mary

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The 1st Century members of the Church Of Christ never worshipped Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Do Catholics know this? Why are they worshipping Mary now?

Dedications of Houses of Worship

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Local Congregations of Lamag, Isabela East and Datag, Catanduanes dedicate to God their new houses of worship in separate special worship services.