Knowing God

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The most important knowledge we should strive to learn is the knowledge about our Lord God.

The Worship of Idols

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Idols or graven images are a fixture in Catholic cathedrals or places of worship and are also often found in their homes. Catholics venerate and worship such images but does the Bible approve or reject such practice? Find out in this episode of The Message.

SPECIAL UPDATE: Restored Hope in Corpus Christi, Texas

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On a special report from INCReview, a historic building is restored and will soon be dedicated as the first house of worship of the Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Songs of Faith, Love and Hope Finalist: Dianne Ramos

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Dianne Ramos shares her experience representing the US in the International Songs of Faith, Love and Hope Singing Competition in the Philippine Arena.

La Adoración a las Imágenes (The Worship of Images)

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Católicos niegan que ellos adoran ídolos , pero lo que practican está lejos de lo que dicen. ¿Qué dice la Biblia acerca de la adoración de imágenes? (Catholics deny that they worship graven images, but what they practice is far from what they say. What does the Bible say about the worship of images?)

It’s a Celebration

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Performed by: Brother Elson Gaza Produced by: Brother Andrey Silva

Laging Magpasalamat Sa Diyos

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Music and Lyrics by: Brother Emerson Tibay Performed by: Dean Adhiel Angelia, Haylee Ramos and Reeney Yusi

Abound – Live Studio Session

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Music, Lyrics and Performance by: Charmaine Isais Cruz, Clarizza Jane Catabay, Gia Niecel Aquino, and Rowen Mallare